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Biography of Shen Ping    

1947 Born in Beijing, China.


1960 Studied fine art at Shanghai Lo Wan District Youth Centre,  instructed by Mr Zhao Bing Fu.


1965-1973 Worked as Artist at Xin Jiang Production and Development Army.


1974-1975 Studied in the China Zhejiang Fine Art Academy, instructed by Mr. Ku Seng Er and Mr. Xu Yung Xiang.


1980 Came to Hong Kong for a permanent stay.


1987 to present Founded Inspiration Art Gallery and organized more than 20 public exhibitions of Chinese ink paintings, water-colour paintings and prints.

Founded Inspiration Art Press and edited/published more than 80 art publications.

He is currently an art teacher of Hong Kong Jockey Club and SPACE (HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education).

He is also a member of the Hong Kong Artists Association and Hong Kong Modern Art Society.

From 1998, he is Chairman of the Hong Kong Water Colour Research Society.


His works have been collected by various organizations such as Chinese Fine Art News, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Regional Urban Council Museum, Chinese Art Research Academy and other private collectors.



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